We have listed here the most common questions and answers about our wrought iron and decorative glass door inserts. If you have a question that Isn't covered here just let us know on our contact page.

Ashbourne  Decorative glass door insert with matching Sidelites.

Ashbourne Decorative glass door insert with matching Sidelites.

Do I have to replace my doors if they are old?
•No we use your existing door and insert your new Wrought Iron or Decorative glass door insert. No need to spend thousands on a new door system when we can transform it back to new.

What makes you different from the guys selling inserts door to door?
• The biggest difference is that we are a full time family run company, and are committed to helping consumers make an educated decision, and feel confident in the wrought iron and decorative glass door inserts we offer. We provide a 10 year warranty on all of our Wrought iron & Decorative Glass Door Inserts, and will replace your glass door insert promptly, if you have any issues at all. Our 10 year warranty also covers any labour costs involved in replacing your glass door inserts. Often times people call us to repair or replace defective glass, because they are unable to contact the original installer. We hear often that people have tried to get in contact with the company that installed the glass but are told they are no longer in business and nowhere to be found. 

Why are the guys going door to door offering such a low price?

You may encounter a company or people knocking at your door offering you a very low price and it may seem to good to be true. Sometimes it may go well and you may not have any issues. But if you do have any warranty issue at all, you may have a very difficult time contacting them. At a low price a company can not afford to come back. Make sure they have a website and some verified reviews before making any purchase of glass door inserts.

Is my Warranty covered by the manufacturer or with your company?

Your warranty is covered through Distinctive Glass Inserts. We are covered through our Manufacturer. Most companies will claim they offer a 10 year warranty but if they are not in business when you have a warranty issue, you will not have a 10 year warranty. We have been in Business for 8 years and we service over 600 clients per year. We are the largest installer of Wrought Iron & Decorative Glass door inserts. You can feel confident in your purchase with Distinctive Glass Inserts.

What is a sidelite?
• Sidelites are the windows to the side of your doors, some houses have them, some do not. Sidelites vary in sizes and shapes, therefore, they are typically custom orders.

What is a Transom?
• Transom is the window above the door, and is usually a round or rectangle in shape. Transoms vary in sizes, therefore, are custom made.

How long will I have to wait for the Sidelites or Transoms to be installed?
Custom Orders typically take 3-4 weeks to be manufactured. We will contact you as soon as they are available, to schedule the installation.

Does your glass offer any privacy?
• All of our Wrought iron glass door insert Designs are 100% private. You will be able to see a silhouette of someone standing at your front door, but they will not be able to see in. Decorative Glass door insert Designs are Semi-Private, meaning you will be able to see in on certain areas of the glass. However, some of the decorative glass designs do come with a full privacy backing. 

How do I know which size glass I currently have in my door?
• Most homes are built using standard size builder glass which measures 22in x 36in or 22in x 48in. If you have an 8 foot door, your glass may appear to look like it is 3/4 glass but more then likely it is our full size glass which is the 22in x 64in size. You can measure your glass by measuring the white frame which is holding in the glass door insert. If you measure the outer edge of the frame and provide us with that measurement of height and width, that will help us provide you with a quote.

What is the typical cost for a glass door insert and installation?
• Inserts range from $300-800. This will depend on several factors. Do you have a single or double door? Do you have any glass in your door currently? Do you want a full glass door insert, or stay with your existing size? Do you have any sidelines or a transom window. We offer custom wrought iron work and glass designs. Please call us for an accurate quote and availability.

If I have 1/2 glass in my door now, can I choose a 3/4 Insert?
• No it is not possible to change your door from a 1/2 glass Insert to a 3/4 Insert because it will not seal properly. Also will not lineup properly with the profile of your door. See example below 


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